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KEMPER-Distribution in Russia

Vreden, 17.09.2020 - Since May 2019 Mrs. Anna Barukhovich is the KEMPER Sales Representative in Russia. Mrs. Barukhovich is in charge of the dealer network and manages sales in all Russian speaking countries.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail or contact her by phone at ph +7 (916) 010-11-99.

Mrs. Barukhoich is available for all technical questions and matters in a reliable and competent way.

In addition, we work with the following official sales partners in Russia:

CLOOS Vostok, Moscow
WeldTech, Moscow
ArkSkills, Moscow
UralSvar, (LLC R-96), Ekaterinburg
Premjera, Togliatti 
CTS Vyborg, Vyborg
PKF OTS, Moscow
Svarka-74, Cheliabinsk
AstraWeld, Astrakhan
Mashtechnica, Moscow
IS Siberia

Since 2016 the company Eurolux, St. Petersburg is no longer an official KEMPER sales partner and has no connection with the KEMPER Group. The company Eurolux therefore does not use original KEMPER components in its machines and has no access to original spare parts such as filter cartridges or other spare parts. 

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