Dust Removal System DustEvac

Automatic dust removal for filtration systems - contamination-free

The dust removal system DustEvac enables continuous operation of filter systems without downtime for cleaning or dust removal. By means of a vacuum conveyor, DustEvac permanently removes the dust from the filter system into a BigBag. This process is completely contamination-free and the collected dust can safely be transported by forklift.


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Art. No.:   
38 110
  • Medium to high amounts of dust
  • For dust collected during cutting, welding and grinding processes
  • For all types and brands of extraction and filtration systems
  • Easy integration also into existing systems of any type or brand
  • Highest possible health and safety protection with contamination-free dust disposal
  • Clean dust collection area
  • Productivity increase thanks to uninterrupted operation of the filter system and large capacity
  • Fast and easy dust disposal in BigBags, transportable via forklift
  • Connection of multiple filter systems or spark pre-separators to one system is possible
  • Automatic dust removal from filter systems
  • Continuous dust removal by vacuum conveyor
  • Controlled and monitored via the filter system
  • Stackable BigBags
  • Retrofit system with individual control

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