Filter-Cell XL Extraction Filter Unit

Cleanable welding smoke filter unit for welding robots, exhaust hoods and extraction tables

KEMPER Filter-Cell XL extraction filter unit with time-controlled, automatic filter cleaning is suitable for extraction via a pipe on exhaust hoods, tables and robot cells. The device is designed for high levels of smoke and dust during non-stop operation. The KemTex® ePTFE membrane filter cartridge for ultra-fine dust particles separates particles even below 0.1 µm.

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Art. No.:   
60 200
  • High levels of smoke and dust
  • Non-stop operation
  • For exhaust hoods, extraction tables and robot cells
  • High efficiency due to automatic filter cleaning
  • Space-saving due to compact design
  • Easy installation since unit is delivered ready to plug in ("plug and play")
  • Best health protection for employees by use of KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridge with surface filtration
  • Safe operation by rotation field control
  • 160mm duct connection
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridge
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Rotation field control
  • Other voltages


Filter method

Cleanable filter

Filter cleaning method

Rotating nozzle

Filter surface

10 m²

Type of filter

Filter cartridge

Filter material


Filter efficiency

> 99.9 %

Dust classification


Basic data

Extraction capacity

1,000 m³/h

Dimensions (w x d x h)

655 x 655 x 1,460 mm


155 kg

Motor power

1,5 kW

Power supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Noise level

69 dB(A)

Additional information

Fan type

Radial fan

109 0438

Spare filter for Filter-Cell XL - 10 m² KemTex® ePTFE membrane cartridge filter

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