KEMPER TheSlagger Extraction Table

Extraction table with automatic removal system

With TheSlagger extraction and cutting table from KEMPER, cleaning is completed within a few minutes and is fully automatic. The removal system automatically pushes the slag and small parts out of the table. The cutting system is ready for use again within a very short time. This eliminates the need for manual cleaning, which is hazardous to health, and reduces downtimes.

Price: Upon request

Art. No.:   
998 56
  • For plasma cutting up to 400 amp
  • For oxy-fuel cutting of sheet metal up to 300 mm thick depending on table width
  • Energy cost savings due to low extraction volume thanks to individual control of the extraction dampers of the segment in use
  • Time and cost savings when cleaning the table due to the automatic removal system
  • Highest possible health and safety protection for employees as there is no contact with the slag and dust during cleaning
  • No long downtimes of the cutting system thanks to the automatic removal system
  • Low extraction volume
  • Flexible table size design (length, width)
  • Hardly any downtimes for cleaning
  • Various table widths and lengths

Basic data

Table width (Material support)

1.700 mm, 2.000 mm, 2.310 mm, 2.615 mm, 2.920 mm, 3.225 mm

Table height

787 mm

Segment distance

750 mm

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