MaxiFil Extraction Unit

Extraction unit for welding smoke with high capacity and safe filter change

MaxiFil smoke extraction units combine large filter capacities with contamination-free filter change. With their high mobility and an operating radius of 360 degrees, they are ideal for regular use. The comfortable filter unit easily handles applications with medium amounts of smoke and dust.

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Art. No.:   
65 650 100
  • Also suitable for high-alloy steel
  • Medium levels of smoke and dust
  • Regular use
  • Safe operation by rotation field control
  • Exhaust arm requires less adjustment due to exhaust hood design
  • Increased safety due to filter monitoring
  • Increased safety with safe filter change
  • Very economic due to long lasting high capacity filters
  • Exhaust arm up to 4 m
  • Automatic Start/Stop (optional)
  • Lighting in the hood (optional)
  • Rotating exhaust hood
  • Automatic Start/Stop
  • Workplace lighting incl. on/off switch at the hood
  • Various arm lengths and versions
  • Other voltages


Filter stages


Filter method

Disposable filter

Filter surface

42 m²

Type of filter


Filter material

Non-woven polyester

Filter efficiency

> 99.5 %



Additional filters


Basic data

Extraction capacity

1,100 m³/h

Dimensions (w x d x h)

803 x 892 x 1,109 mm


129 kg

Motor power

1.5 kW

Power supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Rated current

3.1 A

Noise level

70 dB(A)

Additional information



Fan type

Radial fan

Quantity of extraction arms


Exhaust arm type

flexible exhaust arm

Diameter extraction arm

150 mm

Length of exhaust arm

2 m

94 102 702

Automatic start/stop - For MaxiFil, MaxiFil Clean: Automatic start/stop sensor, 5 m connection cable for single arm filter units

79 103 040

Replacement hood - Lighting kit incl. exhaust hood, 2 x 5 W LED lights (original equipment for filter units)

79 103 045

Replacement hood - Lighting kit incl. exhaust hood, 2 x 5 W LED lights (retrofit for existing filter units)

127 0091

Protective mesh - Protection mesh for exhaust hood

79 103 00

Replacement hood - Exhaust hood

114 0348

Replacement hose for flexible exhaust arm - 2,0 m, Ø 150 mm

109 0517

Replacement filter for MaxiFil - Replacement filter 42 m²

Datasheet (0.57 mb)

Overview MaxiFil (1.3 mb)

Operating Instructions (5.7 mb)