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Sound Insulating Partitioning Wall Systems

From sound insulating partitioning walls, welding cabins, workplace or workshop seperation can be constructed

KEMPER noise barriers are versatile in use - whether for partitioning factory buildings or as welding booths in schools and workshops. As they consist of various system elements, a wide variety of booth sizes can be created.

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Art. No.:   
95 000 001 200
  • Welding booths
  • For equipping schools and training workshops
  • Factory building partition
  • Closed booths
  • Less noise pollution thanks to the innovative noise barrier modules
  • Tidy workshop due to fixed work stations
  • Size of the sound insulation booths can be arranged according to your wishes thanks to the modular principle
  • Consisting of various system elements on the modular principle
  • All components with UV radiation-inhibiting coating
  • Soundproofing material made from bio-soluble mineral wool
  • Non-combustible material as per DIN 4102
  • Exhaust arms and telescopic arms can be mounted
  • Can be combined with KEMPER curtains and strips
  • Exhaust arms
  • Telescopic arms
  • Various tables
  • Various sizes