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Start/Stop Set

Power supply with CEE plug 32A

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  • Both outlets can be used simultaneously.
  • 1m cable length from motorised damper to connection box
  • 10m cable length from connection box to Start/Stop box
  • After-run time for opening the damper can be individually adjusted
  • By the connectionbox a further light hood can be connected.
  • Start Stop box
  • Connection box
  • Motorised damper
  • Installation material
  • Cable
  • PVC Installation pipe
  • Start-Stop box power connection direct or with CEE plug (1)
  • (2) The electronic unit is connected to the User Box
  • (3) The box detects the current flow and opens the connected electric motorised damper.
  • For direct electrical connection the box is equipped with a circuit breaker (4)
  • The damper closes automatically after the work process is finished

Basic data

Dimensions (w x t x h)

182 x 111 x 180 mm

Power supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz + N + PE

Power supply

CEE plug 32A/5-pin

Exit 1

CEE plug 32A/5-pin

Single phase socket 16A

Circuit breaker


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