Telescopic Exhaust Arm

Telescope arm for integration in welding booths and welding training places

The telescopic arm is connected by tubes to a central extraction and filter system. It is installed in confined booths or rooms with little space and is designed for continuous use. The telescopic arm is suitable for large amounts of smoke and dust such as welding fumes, gases, vapours or light dusts.

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  • For welding booths and welding training stations
  • High levels of smoke and particles
  • Non-stop operation
  • For small, confined booths and limited workspace
  • Welding fumes, gases, vapours, light dusts
  • 40% less adjustment of the exhaust arm needed due to exhaust hood design
  • Arm keeps position due to self-supporting design
  • Suitable for confined spaces, as extraction arm is telescopic
  • Polyester fabric hose, PVC coated with welded steel wire spiral
  • 360 degrees rotating exhaust hood with damper
  • With a length of 1,500 mm : telescoping to 450 mm
  • With a length of 2,000 mm : telescoping to 780 mm
  • Lighting in the hood
  • Various arm lengths
  • Wall bracket
  • Telescopic arm with hood

Basic data


150 mm


16 kg

Additional information

Exhaust arm type

flexible exhaust arm

Length of exhaust arm

1.5 m


450 mm


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