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This video shows the automatic welding helmet autodark® 760. The 760 is the absolute top-helmet in the KEMPER autodark® series. The dark protection level in the helmet can be adjusted variably from DIN 6 to DIN8 and DIN9 to 13.

Aside from all welding processes, you can also use it for grinding. The optical classification of the helmet with 1/1/1/1 is second to none on the market.  These values were achieved by means of the patented ADC plus technology of the filter.

The angle dependency of +- 30% with the best result 1 deserves special mention. As a rule, conventional filters only achieve +- 10% here. The comfortable helmet shell consists of a particularly high-quality polyamide and Zytel combination. This material makes the helmet very flexible, but at the same time also mechanically stable and heat-resistant.   

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