Filter cartridges

Filter cartridge


  • Large pleat distance while having the same filter area per cartridge 
  • Flexible filter pleats support filter cleaning
  • Even and gentle cleaning using rotating nozzle 
  • Vertical installation in filter systems


  • Less choking up of the filter pleats due to larger distance between pleats
  • Very long service life of the filter elements and rotating nozzles 
  • Cost savings through optimal cleaning properties 
  • Less dust deposition due to being vertically installed

Automatic cleaning

  • Pressure-controlled breath-responsive cleaning by compressed air 
  • A blast of compressed air from the integrated compressed air tank sets the rotating nozzle in motion
  • The rotational movement of the rotating nozzle creates an even flow
  • This achieves optimal cleaning performance of the KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridge


Ideal for welding and cutting

Study by the AWS (American Welding Society) on particle distribution:

  • 98.9% of the dust particles generated are smaller than 400 nanometres
  • Ultrafine nanoparticles can penetrate into human cells
  • KemTex ePTFE membrane filters already have high separation in the nanoscale range

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