Filter plate

Filter plates


  • Improved air flow due to down-flow principle
  • Robustly welded filter pleats that do not choke up 
  • Filter cleaning without moving parts possible
  • Clean-air side inlet nozzles for compressed air
  • Horizontal installation in filter system


  • No restriction over time because 100% of the
  • Filter surface is permanently available
  • Drastic reduction in costs resulting from significantly longer filter life 
  • Less wear as no moving parts are required 
  • Savings due to less compressed air consumption and lower energy costs
  • Time savings by ease of changing the filter plates due to horizontal installation

Automatic cleaning

  • Pressure-controlled breath-responsive cleaning by compressed air 
  • A blast of compressed air from the integrated compressed air tank flows directly into the filter media
  • No need for rotating nozzles due to filter design 
  • Significantly less wear since no moving parts are required