Cutting table The Slagger with automatic discharge system

Cutting systems cause high investment costs. That's why it's important to minimize downtime to increase productivity. Slag and small parts are removed at regular intervals to ensure productive work.

In practice, however, this cleaning work leads to long downtimes.

With the extraction and cutting table The Slagger from KEMPER cleaning is completed in a few minutes - completely automatically

The discharge system automatically pushes the slag and small parts out of the table. The cutting system is ready for use again within a very short time and production continues.

With conventional cutting tables, maintenance is very time-consuming. For this purpose, the table is laboriously dismantled. The removal of slag and small parts takes several hours. The cleaning is very dirty and dangerous for employees.

With The Slagger, however, the material supports do not have to be removed. Disassembly is no longer necessary. The automatic cleaning of the flame cutting table is carried out by a patented plate, which moves through the entire table by means of a rack drive. The sign is completely protected against damage.

The slag and small part residues are collected in a container at the end of the cutting table and disposed of as required. Long downtimes are a thing of the past.

The Slagger is also an excellent extraction table. Employees are protected from large quantities of fine dust and machines remain clean.

In order to keep the extraction power as low as possible, the extraction table The Slagger is divided into individually extractable segments. The subdivision into segments is done by free-swinging walls. This leads to energy cost savings. The cutting smoke is led to the filter system through the lateral extraction channels with flaps and cleaned there.

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We realize different table sizes in different widths and lengths - exactly for your needs.  You have questions about The Slagger? Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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