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Overview of automatic welding helmets - welding masks

eye protection for welding

The eye covers the most important part of human perception. Therefore it needs special protection during the welding process. During welding, a wide spectrum of hazardous rays is released, which can damage the human eye permanently.

The autodark® welding helmet offers a very high comfort. It is individually adjustable for every head form and offers also optimal comfort and protection to spectacle wearers. With some models controls are located at the outside of the helmet, to facilitate the with welding gloves.

autodark® welding helmets not only assist the safety during the welding process but also increase the productivity. Both hands can be kept free and the view on the welding joint is clear. The increase in productivity will pay for the investment quickly.

For your safety all autodark® products are constantly quality tested.

autodark® welding helmets from KEMPER offer the highest level of protection for this sensitive organ. Due to the auto darkening filter, damaging ultraviolet and infrared rays will be kept away from the welders eye. The actual helmet shell is designed to offer an extra protection against heat, sparks and welding spatters.

Contrary to conventional welding helmets with a fixed shade, the automatic filter will only darken during the actual welding process, otherwise it will stay transparent. The filter will recognise the dangerous rays within milliseconds and switches from light to dark.

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