Occupational safety 4.0 at EuroBLECH: KEMPER networks room ventilation systems


  • KEMPER Connect concept is the focus at the trade show
  • AirWatch automatically controls air purification technology
  • Autonomous wireless network establishes plant communication


Vreden, 29th August 2016 – Automated communication between air purification systems: KEMPER GmbH transfer Industrial 4.0 to occupational safety for the first time. The company presents its new KEMPER Connect concept during the EuroBlech trade show. The air monitoring system AirWatch controls room ventilation systems automatically using their specifically developed, autonomous wireless network. KEMPER ensures in this way also an energy-saving operation.


“We take occupational safety into the networked age with KEMPER Connect,” says Björn Kemper, Managing Director at KEMPER GmbH. “The new opportunities of the digital factory provide significant relief with automation and cost efficiency even for air purification.”


Wireless range grows automatically

The basis of KEMPER Connect is the automatic communication between the air monitoring system AirWatch and room ventilation systems or extraction systems using a decentralised wireless network. KEMPER has developed this system according to the Meshing-Network concept to meet the specific requirements of air purification technology.


If several room ventilation systems dial into the network, then the range of the network increases contrary to a conventional router solution. The radio network establishes itself completely autonomously. The plants network wirelessly and without any further configuration.


Energy saving plant operation

AirWatch continuously measures the quality of the hall air and controls the room ventilation systems on the basis of recorded values. If a concentration of fine dust particles exceeds the individually adjusted limit values, then AirWatch automatically starts up one or more room ventilation systems. If it falls below, then AirWatch shuts them off again. Since room ventilation systems only run when required, the energy costs for the operation of the plants are also reduced.


Users of KEMPER Connect may, however, choose to operate the plant manually. Further control options are provided in the KEMPER software in addition to simple access to measuring data of AirWatch using smartphone, tablet or PC.


Retrofit wireless standard

Thanks to the new wireless standards, KEMPER is able to network all stationary room ventilation systems and extraction systems with AirWatch. The company has equipped the room ventilation systems CleanAirTower and KemJet with this facility as well as the extraction systems 8000 and 9000. The manufacturer can install the software subsequently on existing systems.


KEMPER Connect is one of the big topics at KEMPER's booth at EuroBLECH 2016. KEMPER GmbH can be found in hall 12 at booth B06 in Hanover from 25th to 29th October.


Further information at: www.kemper.eu

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