Directly from the welding point to clean hall air with extraction torches 08/2021

Vreden, 23. August 2021 – Is it possible to weld optimally with extraction torches? In the past, they were often considered unwieldy due to the additional extraction elements on the torch, but this image is changing. Based on convincing test experiences, Aebi Schmidt Nederland B.V. decided in favour of a torch-integrated high-vacuum extraction system. Several VacuFil systems from KEMPER are now essential components of the new air pollution control concept at the Dutch manufacturer. 

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100 torches measured: KEMPER leads the way with database for optimum extraction 06/2021

Vreden, 8 June 2021 – Capture of welding fumes automatically matched exactly to the extraction torch? A unique torch datadase from KEMPER now makes effective torch extraction possible. This is because for this to succeed to optimum effect, the right balance between extraction capacity and individual torch technology is required. 

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Is welding in Germany on the edge of legality? 11/2020

Vreden, 10 November 2020 – The fact that the general dust limit in Germany 1.25 mg/m³ is well known and compliance is already tough work in many companies. In contrast to the manganese value, however, this hurdle is just knee-high, whereas you would need a trampoline to overcome the manganese value hurdle.

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Double filter capacity at a low price: SmartFil sets a new standard in its device class 06/2020

Vreden, 20. June 2020 – Developed for professional welders and yet affordable for newcomers: The new SmartFil extraction unit from KEMPER sets a new standard in mobile welding fume extraction for regular welding. Even in the basic version, it is the price/performance winner in its device class. This is because, at a comparable price level, the SmartFil can offer twice the filter surface and thus a significantly longer service life compared with similar systems.

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Limited Edition at the start: KEMPER optimises CleanAirTower and increases its performance 06/2020

Vreden, 8th June, 2020 – Clean working conditions for the entire production: With the comprehensive relaunch of the CleanAirTower, KEMPER is bringing its established general ventilation system to a higher level of protection. The extraction technology specialist has optimised the filter tower in terms of extraction capacity, plant safety, service life and design.

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Customer proximity despite distance: KEMPER uses AR technology for maintenance in lockdown 05/2020

Vreden, 7 May 2020 - Tight customer support in the Corona lockdown? Using AR technology, KEMPER is one of the first to expand direct communication in the service area to its customers - and that completely contactless. In the midst of worldwide travel and contact restrictions, the extraction technology specialist introduces its KEMPERvision support offer. Previously used more for product development in large companies, the medium-sized company now communicates live with its customers via AR glasses. These send the images to the KEMPER headquarters in Vreden. There the service staff determine the need for maintenance or possible errors on the screen and instruct users.

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From production employee to sales representative: An employee story about Timo Slütter 04/2020

Vreden, 16 April 2020 - Taking advantage of opportunities, achieving new goals and growing in the face of new challenges - this is a basic virtue for many employees. This is also true for Timo Slütter, who wrote his own little story at KEMPER. The qualified electronics technician joined the company last summer as a production employee and is now - six months later - going one step further: With immediate effect Timo Slütter is joining the sales field service team. Here is his story.

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Jsme tady. 03/2020

současné události mají významný dopad na veřejný život a hospodářství v naší zemi. Shrnuli jsme pro vás, jak se KEMPER přizpůsobil tomu, jaké důsledky z toho vyvodíme a co to znamená pro naše zákazníky a partnery.

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