The entire hall air in its sights: KEMPER is extending the CleanAirTower series 05/2019

Vreden (Germany), 23 May, 2019 – Clean production air for all employees, even in small companies: KEMPER is expanding its CleanAirTower series especially for air pollution control for sporadic welding. With the two CleanAirTower SF 5000 and SF 9000 models, the manufacturer of extraction units and filter systems is launching two general ventilation systems with storage filters onto the market. Thanks to Cloud connectivity on the KEMPER Connect portal, all parameters can be monitored from anywhere at any time. KEMPER recommends the systems as a supplement to source extraction.


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Frederic Lanz: „Let's make welding clever, cool and clean" 04/2019

Vreden, 10 April, 2019 - He knows both sides: welding technology and occupational safety at the same time. At the beginning of 2019 Frederic Lanz changed to KEMPER. After 100 days as managing director, he reflects on what he has achieved so far. In an interview, the 37-year-old describes how he envisages the production of the future in metalworking.


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Boom for extraction systems in the UK: Welding companies trust in KEMPER 03/2019

Vreden (Germany), 11 March, 2019 – KEMPER records extraordinarily high growth in Great Britain. The demand for effective extraction systems has increased significantly since the introduction of stricter health and safety regulations in February.



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"Growing together" 02/2019

Vreden, 8 February, 2019 - KEMPER GmbH continues to grow. Against this background, the manufacturer of extraction units and filter systems has decided to reorganise the areas of responsibility in the management. Since the beginning of 2019, Frederic Lanz has mainly been responsible for Marketing & Sales. KEMPER has gained an enthusiastic innovation promoter and sales strategist. As an experienced manager, the 37-year-old does not shy away from change processes but, in addition to the big picture, always keeps his team in mind. 

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KEMPER is growing: 2018 has been the most successful year in the company’s history 01/2019

Vreden, 05 February 2019 – KEMPER GmbH continues on its growth course. 2018 became the most successful financial year in the company's history. For the first time, the manufacturer of extraction units and filter systems surpassed the sales mark of 40 million euros. KEMPER boosted sales of central filter systems by more than 25 percent compared to 2017. With the continuous digitalisation of its portfolio, the manufacturer wants to meet the increasing demand for effective occupational safety.

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A leap in efficiency for extraction systems: KEMPER launches the WeldFil series on the market 12/2018

Vreden, 20 December, 2018 – A leap in development for extraction and filtration systems: With its WeldFil series, KEMPER is taking its portfolio of central extraction systems into the digital age. The manufacturer is not only making the systems Internet compatible, but also comprehensively optimizing them with regards to expenditure of energy, maintenance needs and design. The WeldFil series replaces the previous central 8000 and 9000 extraction systems.

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KEMPER lays the structural basis for its ambitious growth strategy 10/2018

Vreden, 22 October, 2018 – KEMPER GmbH lays the structural basis for its ambitious growth strategy. To do this, the extraction and filtration system manufacturer is restructuring its management board and successively increasing its number of employees. 

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AirWatch networks extraction technologies even where no IT network is available 10/2018

Vreden, October 17, 2018 – Detailed evidence of workshop air quality down into the nano range: AirWatch is setting new standards for the networking of air purification technology equipment in production workshops. KEMPER's advanced air monitoring system can be integrated into environments where there is an inadequate digital infrastructure, without interfering with corporate networks. 

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