100 Brennertypen vermessen: KEMPER geht mit Datenbank für optimale Absaugung voran 06/2021

Vreden, 08. Juni 2021 – Schweißrauch automatisch genau passend zum Absaugbrenner erfassen? Mit einer einzigartigen Datenbank macht KEMPER schon jetzt eine effektive Brennerabsaugung möglich. Denn soll diese optimal gelingen, ist die richtige Balance zwischen Absaugleistung und individueller Brennertechnik nötig. Nicht zuletzt durch den Aufruf des Deutschen Verbandes für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. (DVS) erhält das Thema eine breite Relevanz in der Schweißtechnik. Der KEMPER-Datenpool mit den Parametern von rund 100 Brennertypen ist bereits heute die Grundlage für die optimale Gefahrstofferfassung mittels der Hochvakuum-Absauggeräteserie VacuFil i.

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SmartFil - nu tegen promotieprijs 05/2021

Het Safe-Change verzadigingsfilter beschikt over een groot filteroppervlakte van 25m² en kan bij verzadiging contaminatievrij vervangen worden. Dankzij de lange standtijd is de SmartFil een uiterst economische keuze en door de W3-certificering ook geschikt voor chroom nikkel staal.

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Is welding in Germany on the edge of legality? 11/2020

Vreden, 10 November 2020 – The fact that the general dust limit in Germany 1.25 mg/m³ is well known and compliance is already tough work in many companies. In contrast to the manganese value, however, this hurdle is just knee-high, whereas you would need a trampoline to overcome the manganese value hurdle.

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Two days in production: Sascha Grawunder, Head of Operations at KEMPER, gathers first-hand impressions 10/2020

Vreden, 26 October 2020 – "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." Sascha Grawunder, Head of Operations at KEMPER, also took this quote from John F. Kennedy as a reference. For two days he supported the production in all working areas to get a detailed impression of the production of extraction units and systems. At the same time, he used the opportunity to exchange ideas with his colleagues directly at the workplace

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One extraction system for all: VacuFil places the focus on the extraction capacity for each torch 09/2020

Vreden, 24 September 2020 – Optimally matched to the welding torch at all times: The new VacuFil series of extraction units from KEMPER is a unique unit for torch extraction that combines easy handling with needs-based extraction capacity. The VacuFil 125i, 150i and 250i digital unit variants automatically and continuously adjust the required air volume flows according to the individual torch characteristics. W3 approval now certifies that the digital VacuFil versions embody the highest level of protective welding equipment.

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KEMPER distribution in Russia 09/2020

Vreden, 17. September 2020 - Since May 2019 Mrs. Anna Barukhovich is the KEMPER Sales Representative in Russia. Ms. Barukhovich is in charge of the dealer network and manages sales in all Russian speaking countries.

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New entry-level unit with the largest filter surface: KEMPER launches WallMaster 08/2020

Vreden, 11 August 2020 – For cost-efficient entry into integral welding fume extraction: The new WallMaster filter system from KEMPER lets metalworking companies optimise their protective welding equipment for employees. With an area of 42 square metres, the stationary unit has the largest filter surface in the entry-level price segment. Little effort is required to integrate and mount the unit behind extraction elements such as extraction arms or fans with no need for its own power supply. This makes it also suitable for simple retrofitting.

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Double filter capacity at a low price: SmartFil sets a new standard in its device class 06/2020

Vreden, 20. June 2020 – Developed for professional welders and yet affordable for newcomers: The new SmartFil extraction unit from KEMPER sets a new standard in mobile welding fume extraction for regular welding. Even in the basic version, it is the price/performance winner in its device class. This is because, at a comparable price level, the SmartFil can offer twice the filter surface and thus a significantly longer service life compared with similar systems.

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