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El blog ofrece información sobre bases legales o innovaciones técnicas y recoge discusiones del sector. También se tratan temas concretos como, por ejemplo, la ventilación de interiores o las campanas y brazos de aspiración. ¿Cuando deberían usarlos las empresas? ¿Qué clase de filtro se debe emplear en cada caso? ¿Por qué es cada vez más importante una eliminación de polvo sin contaminación?

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Welding of structural steel: Danger from particulate and gaseous hazardous substances 05/2021

Around 95 percent of welding fumes is produced from additives – but this does not mean that it has to have the same composition. The welding process and the base material also play a role and determine, for example, whether hazardous particulate and/or gaseous substances are produced during welding. To kick off our materials series, discover what to look out for when welding structural steel.

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Metal construction: The four most important occupational safety measures for welding 04/2021

Large components, changing welding workplaces, hazardous substances, some of which are carcinogenic: Metal construction poses special challenges for occupational health and safety. The complexity of applications often requires an effective mix of measures to protect employees. Which protective welding equipment brings the greatest benefit in operation depends on several factors.

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Torch extraction 2021: The increasing demand for extraction torches is clearly noticeable 03/2021

Extraction torches are the welding technology trend in 2021. Demand is growing – because, as they become more widespread, extraction systems that can be easily adjusted to the power requirements of the respective extraction torch are increasing in importance. KEMPER expert Manfred Könning explains in an interview what is currently happening on the market after the market launch of the VacuFil series.

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British occupational health and safety authority states: Local exhaust ventilation first 12/2020

The discussion on dealing with welding fume hazards is ongoing worldwide. The example of the British occupational health and safety authority HSE shows how the rules are becoming stricter. In an interview, Mrs Sarah Palfreyman, HM Inspector of Health and Safety, explains the background to the reclassification of mild steel welding fume as a carcinogen.

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RIKA Blechkomponenten GmbH develops comprehensive clean air concept 10/2020

Effective occupational safety not only has positive effects on the health of employees. The development of a new clean air concept at RIKA Blechkomponenten GmbH shows that it also sends positive employer signals in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

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Safe welding in times of corona: How protective welding equipment helps against the virus – and welding fumes 09/2020

Occupational health and safety in times of the corona virus poses new challenges for companies worldwide. In some cases, companies that invest in effective welding fume extraction also protect their employees from virus infections. The use of room ventilation concepts as well as the observance of distance regulations play a major role.

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Protective welding equipment concept for satisfied employees: Wimmer Hartstahl GmbH & Co. KG focuses on air pollution control 07/2020

Thanks to the KEMPER occupational safety concept with effective extraction technology, Wimmer Hartstahl GmbH & Co. KG not only ensures the protection of employee health, but also takes into account the needs of the employees. KEMPER shows how limit values can be maintained with a mixture of spot extraction and room ventilation.

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Mobile extraction units for professional welders: 8 criteria that define good entry-level models 06/2020

When buying a mobile extraction unit, for many welders the price also counts. But even inexpensive entry-level units provide effective protection for industrial welding applications. With comparable entry-level prices, even the basic equipment differs greatly in some cases. What mobile extraction units should already be able to do today.

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