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In our Blog for the metal working industry, welding suppliers, health & safety bodies, colleges, welders and other specialists it’s all about health & safety in welding.

The Blog informs about legal requirements, technical innovations or picks up on subjects within the sector. For instance, it’s about room ventilation, exhaust hoods or exhaust arms. When should which be used? Which filter class is required for which application? Why is a contamination free dust removal getting more important.

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Here are some current entries:

Who is responsible for occupational health and safety? 10/2022

Large components, changing welding workplaces, hazardous substances, some of which are carcinogenic: Metal construction poses special challenges for occupational health and safety. The complexity of applications often requires an effective mix of measures to protect employees. Which occupational health and safety brings the greatest benefit in operation depends on several factors.

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Ergonomics in welding: How exoskeletons provide relief 09/2022

Back pain, tension in the neck, pulling in the shoulder: Welders are prone to musculoskeletal disorders. One of the things to blame for this is the posture they have to adopt while working. They spend many hours a day bent over a metal part or holding the welding torch above their head.

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Welding in shipbuilding: The most important facts and protective measures 09/2022

Protecting employees from hazardous substances in welding fumes: This important goal is also of central importance in shipbuilding. Whereas individual components are built in huge halls or docks, daily welding work increasingly takes place directly inside the ship, and this brings great challenges. 

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Occupational safety brings benefits for employers 08/2022

According to the Federal Statistical Office, respiratory diseases accounted for 14.5 percent of all days of incapacity to work in 2020. This indicates that respiratory diseases are the third most common cause for an employee to take sick leave in Germany – after diseases of the musculoskeletal system and mental illnesses.

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50 years Committee for Hazardous Substances 08/2022

So that people and the environment are protected from hazardous substances, regulations are needed on how to deal with such substances. The Committee for Hazardous Substances (AGS) develops these regulations – and has done so for 50 years. What hardly anyone knows: The 20 volunteer members – who work in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, in ministries or research institutions, for example – influence millions of people through their work. Welders also benefit from the Committee’s recommendations in terms of protective welding equipment.

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Welding in vehicle body construction: The most important facts and protective measures 03/2022

In the body shop, the processing of aluminum-steel composites produces oxides and ozone, among other things. One of the many challenges: Identifying and eliminating potential hazards.
To keep risks low and minimize exposure to hazardous substances, the right technical protective measures are needed.

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Thanks to original filters: Welding fume extraction units remain W3-compliant 01/2022

Bought a W3-certified extraction unit and played it safe forever? It's not quite that simple. In order to maintain W3 approval in the long term, for example, only original equipment components that have actually gone through the approval process are permitted. Above all, the use of original filters plays an important role.

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W3: That is why the IFA certificate is more a seal of quality than a pure test seal 07/2021

A W3 certificate: This is what most manufacturers of welding fume extraction units want. Because behind this is a test mark that is only awarded to units that meet the highest requirements. In Germany, it is mandatory for some welding work. Internationally, it is now considered an important mark of quality. About the history and significance of one of the most important test marks for welders.

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