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In our Blog for the metal working industry, welding suppliers, health & safety bodies, colleges, welders and other specialists it’s all about health & safety in welding.

The Blog informs about legal requirements, technical innovations or picks up on subjects within the sector. For instance, it’s about room ventilation, exhaust hoods or exhaust arms. When should which be used? Which filter class is required for which application? Why is a contamination free dust removal getting more important.

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Here are some current entries:

Safe welding in times of corona: How protective welding equipment helps against the virus – and welding fumes 09/2020

Occupational health and safety in times of the corona virus poses new challenges for companies worldwide. In some cases, companies that invest in effective welding fume extraction also protect their employees from virus infections. The use of room ventilation concepts as well as the observance of distance regulations play a major role.

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Protective welding equipment concept for satisfied employees: Wimmer Hartstahl GmbH & Co. KG focuses on air pollution control 07/2020

Thanks to the KEMPER occupational safety concept with effective extraction technology, Wimmer Hartstahl GmbH & Co. KG not only ensures the protection of employee health, but also takes into account the needs of the employees. KEMPER shows how limit values can be maintained with a mixture of spot extraction and room ventilation.

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Mobile extraction units for professional welders: 8 criteria that define good entry-level models 07/2020

When buying a mobile extraction unit, for many welders the price also counts. But even inexpensive entry-level units provide effective protection for industrial welding applications. With comparable entry-level prices, even the basic equipment differs greatly in some cases. What mobile extraction units should already be able to do today.

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Dust limit values during welding: These values differ greatly around the world 06/2020

Occupational health and safety is an important topic not only in Germany. Internationally, too, the rules are gradually being tightened. One example of this is the UK, which is tightening its controls on dust limits in welding. But how are dust limits regulated worldwide and what are the differences?

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Air purification technology in times of the corona virus: Are general ventilation systems still applicable? 04/2020

Does the corona virus have an effect on air purification technology? This is a question safety officers are currently asking themselves: Does a general ventilation system in metal processing companies lead to viruses being able to spread even further in production? High filter efficiencies and the quality of the integrated filters indicate otherwise.

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VacuFil: The story behind the unique torch-integrated extraction system from KEMPER 03/2020

KEMPER has developed a unique system for torch-integrated extraction with the digital product variants of the VacuFil series. After numerous enquiries from users and torch manufacturers, KEMPER built up a torch database with key parameters. Read the story behind the latest development from the extraction technology specialist.

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Thanks to a comprehensive clean air concept: How Nobels B.V. managed to meet strict limits 01/2020

How are companies to comply with strict limits in the future? The clean air concept of the Dutch company Nobels B.V. shows how this can be done. The mix of different occupational safety measures brings added value in many ways.

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Music coming out of the welding fume extraction hood: KEMPERbeats – did I hear that correctly, Mr. Kemper? 12/2019

Ever since Blechexpo, all welders are talking about KEMPERbeats. What sounds like a cool gimmick has a serious background. Björn Kemper describes this in an interview on arbeitsschutz-schweissen.de.

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