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In our Blog for the metal working industry, welding suppliers, health & safety bodies, colleges, welders and other specialists it’s all about health & safety in welding.

The Blog informs about legal requirements, technical innovations or picks up on subjects within the sector. For instance, it’s about room ventilation, exhaust hoods or exhaust arms. When should which be used? Which filter class is required for which application? Why is a contamination free dust removal getting more important.

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Here are some current entries:

As close to the point as you can get: 5 reasons why welders should rely on extraction torches 11/2019

Extraction torches were long regarded as unwieldy. But a new generation promises improvements in handling and digital added value for an optimum welding result and protective welding equipment at the same time. Five reasons why welders should consider torch-integrated extraction.

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Vaccinating against welding fumes? How welders prevent an increased risk of pneumonia 08/2019

Welders are exposed to a greater risk of pneumonia because welding fumes weaken the immune system. Besides technical measures such as welding fume extraction, respected institutes therefore also recommend vaccination against pneumococcal infections. In serious cases, they can even lead to death.


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Self-learning extraction technology: Has AI already arrived in welding fume extraction? 08/2019

AI in welding fume extraction? Does it really exist today or does it simply mean the current systems for increasing the efficiency of filter systems? We investigate this question at arbeitsschutz-schweissen.de.


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Thermal spraying: Closed booths with extraction are essential 07/2019

Depending on the process, thermal spraying causes very high quantities of hazardous substances and significant noise pollution – a challenge for occupational health and safety. Closed booths and the capture of hazardous substances at their source are therefore essential.


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Nine reasons why general ventilation systems make sense for metal processing companies 05/2019

Air quality in the entire production area is becoming ever more important. General ventilation systems play an increasingly important role in effective occupational health and safety. They are always only a supplement to source extraction. Nevertheless, nine reasons show why the purchase of a workshop ventilation system is worthwhile for metal processing companies.

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Welding in confined spaces: How welders protect themselves effectively 05/2019

Welding in confined spaces places high demands on occupational health and safety. Air quality management is of particular importance. How welders should effectively protect themselves against the various hazards is explained in our blog entry on safe-welding.com

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Frederic Lanz: “Let’s make welding cool, clever and clean!” 04/2019

He knows both sides: welding technology and occupational safety at the same time. At the beginning of 2019 Frederic Lanz changed to KEMPER. After 100 days as managing director, he reflects on what he has achieved so far. In an interview, the 37-year-old describes how he envisages the production of the future in metalworking.


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Welding robot ‘colleague’: Welding fume extraction is still necessary 03/2019

It can be said of fully automated welding processes that the welding robot ‘colleague’ does the job without any need for occupational safety. But, despite automated welding processes, effective welding fume extraction is still a must – especially to protect employees in the surrounding area. The type of fume extraction depends on the nature of the welding robot.

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