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It’s easy if you know how: Tips on organising occupational health and safety 02/2023

The responsibility for occupational health and safety weighs heavily. Even the management of small companies finds it difficult to deal with the scope of tasks to be fulfilled. Owners of a company can delegate tasks to their employees, however. To this end, it is essential that occupational health and safety matters are structured and well organised.

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Welding light metals: What needs to be considered 12/2022

Constructions with light metals are increasingly in demand. They are used in a variety of fields and technologies such as car manufacturing, medical engineering, nuclear usually only oxidise on the surface and therefore pose a greater risk of explosion. As a result, welding and grinding work must be strictly separated. 

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Save energy, protect employees 12/2022

The costs of oil, gas and electricity are currently rising to record levels – and posing major challenges for industrial companies. High time, then, to identify energy guzzlers in production. Modernisation or retrofitting can often increase the efficiency of systems and machines. Once this potential is exhausted, new acquisitions come into play. 

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Welding fumes – How large are the particles in welding fumes? 12/2022

Welding fumes are made up of a number of different substances, many of which are in the nanoparticle range. How large are these ultra-fine particles and how dangerous are they to the health of welders? 

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Who is responsible for occupational health and safety? 11/2022

Large components, changing welding workplaces, hazardous substances, some of which are carcinogenic: Metal construction poses special challenges for occupational health and safety. The complexity of applications often requires an effective mix of measures to protect employees. Which occupational health and safety brings the greatest benefit in operation depends on several factors.

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Fine dust study: Despite a decline, fine dust remains the most important environmental risk factor 11/2022

Heart attack, stroke or arteriosclerosis: Fine dust has been proven to make people ill. A recent study on fine dust shows just how great the effects of these small particles are on our health. Fine dust, for example, promotes serious diseases. This underlines the importance of occupational health and safety, especially in welding applications, because welders are additionally exposed to particularly hazardous particles.

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Fine dust increases the risk of autoimmune diseases 11/2022

What do rheumatism and fine dust have to do with one another? According to a study by the University of Verona, people exposed to high concentrations of fine dust suffer more often from autoimmune diseases than people who breathe healthier air. A study by the University of Verona provides the first indications of a link between exposure to fine dust and disease. 

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Ergonomics in welding: How exoskeletons provide relief 10/2022

Back pain, tension in the neck, pulling in the shoulder: Welders are prone to musculoskeletal disorders. One of the things to blame for this is the posture they have to adopt while working. They spend many hours a day bent over a metal part or holding the welding torch above their head.

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