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Frederic Lanz: “Let’s make welding cool, clever and clean!” 04/2019

He knows both sides: welding technology and occupational safety at the same time. At the beginning of 2019 Frederic Lanz changed to KEMPER. After 100 days as managing director, he reflects on what he has achieved so far. In an interview, the 37-year-old describes how he envisages the production of the future in metalworking.


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Welding robot ‘colleague’: Welding fume extraction is still necessary 03/2019

It can be said of fully automated welding processes that the welding robot ‘colleague’ does the job without any need for occupational safety. But, despite automated welding processes, effective welding fume extraction is still a must – especially to protect employees in the surrounding area. The type of fume extraction depends on the nature of the welding robot.

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New study: Ultrafine dust is a very common cause of cardiovascular diseases 01/2019

Ultrafine dust leads to more cardiovascular diseases than acute heart attacks, cardiac insufficiency or cardiac arrhythmia – that’s the result of a new study. Welders are particularly affected. Most of the particles that can be found in welding fumes are ultrafine, Scientists are now speaking out in favor of stronger measures being taken against particulate matter.

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After the transitional period for the General Dust Exposure Level: for health-based occupational safety 01/2019

In 2014, legislators in Germany lowered the General Dust Exposure Level by more than 60 percent. Under certain conditions, factories were able to continue operating at the old limit of 3 mg/m³. This transitional period ended at the turn of the year. This has repeatedly sparked many discussions amongst those affected, but above all it has created uncertainty. This period is finally over – with a plea for health-based occupational safety in each country.

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Innovation for thermal cutting tables: TheSlagger technology cleans automatically and provides protection from hazardous substances 12/2018

Cleaning thermal tables results in stoppages and costs companies a great deal of time. Help comes in the form of TheSlagger patented technology: thanks to the automated extracting system, downtime is considerably reduced and employees benefit from optimum occupational health & safety.

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Central extraction systems for welding fumes and cutting dust: 14 facts that matter 12/2018

Are large quantities of welding fumes of cutting dust generated in production? Are there several workstations for production? Then central extraction systems for welding fumes and cutting dust are often the means of choice. Through their high efficiency, they ensure clean workshop air. When investing in a system, companies should not pay attention to the equipment’s features alone.

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Occupational Health & Safety 4.0 Today: What is the state of the art and how do welding companies benefit from it? 10/2018

“On the pulse of digitalization” – this was the motto of this year’s EuroBLECH exhibition in Hannover. Networking is certainly on the rise in metal-working companies and brings numerous advantages: OH&S 4.0 – that is several smart appliances communicating with each other – is already a reality today. Modern technologies not only protect employees from hazardous substances more effectively but also help companies combat the shortage in skilled workers. An essay by Björn Kemper

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Long-lasting filter technology This is what welders need to know about the inside of their extraction unit 09/2018

The filter technology is decisive in determining the longevity of an extraction unit. The elementary extraction of hazardous substances is decided inside the device. A major factor in determining service life whether it should be a storage filter or an extraction unit with a cleanable filter.

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