Our high-performance suction system with automatic dedusting function provides a central suction and filtration system to clean indoor air.

The new KemJET-Indoor Air Suction reduces pollutant concentration in working environments where conventional point suction units are not sufficient or are difficult to use, for example at:

• large workplaces
• change of welding positions
• spacious workplaces
• large amounts of released smoke

Polluted hot air, which accumulates during welding in the ceiling area is extracted through a suction tube and filtered. High-performance nozzles then distribute the purified air throughout the room. Clouds of smoke dissolve quickly into clean air.

The advantages of KemJET:

More efficient use of energy
• You can keep air heated during the cold season and therefore save energy costs

Flexible and easy installation

• There is no need for an extensive piping system
• Possibility of rapid assembly and disassembly

Individually adaptable to each workshop

• The KemJET-System is easily expandable due to a modular design
Individual solutions for nearly every working environment
• Possibility of different mounting heights by variable pipe length
• The high-performance nozzles can be adjusted by 30 degrees in any direction, and are therefore individually adjustable

High spreading range

• The high-performance nozzles are suitable for the ventilation of large buildings


The filter system of the KemJET-Indoor Air Suction draws contaminated air through the suction pipes attached. The dust is deposited on the surface of the filter element on the KemTex®ePTFE membrane layer. At the same time an intelligent control monitors the reduction of the dust layer and cleans the filter cartridges with appropriate dust load automatically by means of compressed air and all that without interrupting the operation of the facility. The ejected dust falls into a container and can be easily disposed of.

High-performance nozzles distribute the purified air throughout the room. A constant horizontal air circulation between the suction and outlet nozzle is created above the workplaces. Filtered hot air from the ceiling is directed back into the work areas with energy efficiency.

Intelligent Control

The intelligent control and diagnostic system monitors the proper operation of the facility. All functions and operating data of the KemJET-System can be accessed via the multifunctional touch-screen display and the four shortcut keys below the display.

Easy Operation

The touch-screen display, with its self-explanatory, multilingual user interface, is intuitive to operate. You can choose between a 3.8 "monochrome display and a larger 5.7" colour display (optional upgrade). Five operating languages are available per installation. The full graphical display provides a clear and brilliant presentation of display and control panels. Warning and error messages of the system are displayed prominently and in plain text with additional detailed help texts. As a result, errors and faults are corrected quickly and thus, increasing the lifetime of the installation.

High Flexibility

The filter system of KemJET-System is delivered ready for a flexible connection with a 16 A CEE plug. For easy transportation the system is equipped with forklift pockets. An additional control panel for external use and monitoring of the KemJET-System is an available option.

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