KEMPER develops industrial safety for metal-processing companies with new room ventilation

  • Great market interest in the new CleanAirTower system
  • Ventilation principle recommended by  employer’s liability insurance association
  • Innovative dust extraction registered for patent approval

Vreden, 03.12.2014 - Clean air thanks to less air turbulence: the new KEMPER GmbH room ventilation effectively clears polluted air in metal-processing companies of dangerous fine dust particles. The CleanAirTower focusses on the principle of displacement ventilation recommended by the liability insurance association. In this way contaminated air does not reach unpolluted areas. KEMPER has registered the uncontaminated dust extraction for patent approval. The system also optimizes energy management. The new room ventilation has already made its mark less than four months after the market launch.

“The CleanAirTower takes welding companies one step further in both industrial safety and cost efficiency,” emphasizes Björn Kemper, Managing Director of KEMPER GmbH. “Room ventilation like this is not just an optimal complementation of on-the-spot extraction at the source of dust or smoke.” He continues by saying that the CleanAirTower particularly protects staff in work environments where on-the-spot air extraction is not possible due to the hall layout or the volume of work. Just four months after the first delivery, KEMPER is already recording orders in the two-figure region. The new system particularly caused a sensation amongst visitors to the EuroBLECH trade fair.

Slow, low-impulse air circulation
The CleanAirTower functions according to the principle of displacement ventilation recommended by the liability insurance association. The system feeds cleaned air in low impulses into the hall from below. This effect, also known as layered ventilation, supports the natural rise of the welding smoke. The latter is thus immediately removed from the work environment in this way.

At a height of about four metres the CleanAirTower then sucks in the polluted air again. Thanks to a minimum of air turbulence, the polluted air does not reach the uncontaminated environment. “In this way companies protect not just the welders themselves but also the non-involved staff in the factory workshop,” explains Kemper.

Filtration efficiency of 99.9 per cent for finest particles
A PTFE membrane inside the CleanAirTower provides effective filtering out of dust particles - up to a filtration efficiency of 99.9 per cent with dangerous respirable particles which can be deposited in the alveoli of the lungs.

The system extracts the dust free of contamination into the integrated dust containers. Interruption-free operation is guaranteed by the automatic extraction. On no account do staff come into contact with the polluted particles when changing the dust containers. KEMPER has registered this unique mechanism for patent approval.

CleanAirTower optimizes energy management
The CleanAirTower air circulation, through which the already warmed air is sucked in above and fed in, again below after filtration, optimizes energy management. Companies avoid renewed heating of the hall and in this way save tremendous energy costs. The efficiency of the heating is particularly increased in the winter. The room climate is also improved by the continual ventilation from below.

The CleanAirTower is mounted independently. It is not necessary to integrate the system into a pipe system. Retrofitting is thus both easy and economical. KEMPER is already using the new system in companies in Germany, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Video: How does the CleanAirTower work?

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