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CleanAirTower General Ventilation

Energy-saving indoor ventilation system

The ventilation system CleanAirTower is used wherever local extraction does not work or is insufficient. It effectively protects employees and machines from fine dust. The purified air is recirculated. The device hardly creates any air turbulence, ensuring that no dust is distributed into clean areas. The CleanAirTower functions according to the displacement ventilation principle recommended by health and safety bodies.

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Art. No.:   
390 600
  • Workshops where local exhaust ventilation is not possible
  • To complement local exhaust ventilation systems
  • Environments with changing sources of smoke and dust
  • Workstations, Workshops, Logistic and distribution centres
  • Minimization of heating costs due to air recirculation and air distribution
  • Increased safety with contamination-free dust disposal
  • No dust distribution into clean areas, as barely any air turbulence is created
  • Cost-effective installation or retrofit, as no ductwork is needed
  • Safe transportation and easy installation by crane eyes
  • Permanent operation by means of automatic dust disposal in dust collection bin
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Lifting eyes
  • 360° Inlet grill
  • Contamination -free dust disposal in one-way containers.
  • Slow, low-impulse air circulation
  • Displacement flow principle, recommended by health and safety bodies
  • System barely generates air turbulence
  • AirWatch
  • Extraction of ambient air via an integrated ventilator
  • The cleaned air is returned to the workspace by low level outlets
  • The warm cleaned air directs the welding smoke again towards the inlet grills and so, a slow air circulation and at the workstations is created.


Filter stages


Filter method

Cleanable filter

Filter cleaning method

Rotating nozzle

Filter surface

ca. 20 m²

Number filter elements


Filter surface total

60 m²

Filter material


Filter efficiency

> 99.9 %

Dust classification


Basic data

Extraction capacity

6,000 m³/h


3,622 mm


1,172 mm


666 kg

Motor power

5.5 kW

Power supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Rated current

11 A

Noise level

72 dB(A)

Additional information



Fan type

Radial fan, direct driven

Compressed air supply

5 - 6 bar

Capacity Dust collection container

10 l

109 0481

58 m² KemTex® ePTFE membrane cartridge filter

149 0675

Dust collection bin (set of 3)

Datasheet (1.63 mb)

Operating Instructions (6.23 mb)