Trainee welders in Oman are learning a trade with KEMPER technology

Vreden, Germany, 9 February 2016 – High-quality occupational safety equipment for the Welding Centre of Excellence in Oman: The first 50 welding apprentices have successfully completed their training at the new welding training centre in Oman's capital, Muscat, which is equipped with technology by KEMPER GmbH.

The manufacturer of extraction and filter systems for the metal-processing industry has supplied all of the centre's occupational safety equipment, which includes welding cabins made from noise-absorbing cassettes and protective plating for each welding station, as well as a smooth-running cantilever extraction arm to capture harmful substances. A total of 100 welding cabins are connected to four central KEMPER System 9000 extraction systems, which reliably filter even ultra-fine nanoparticles from the air. "The fact that our products are being used in this type of project in the Middle East is a real testament to their quality", says KEMPER Managing Director Björn Kemper.

The project is backed by the company RAY International Skills Development, which started to construct the training centre in 2014. The resulting facility is one of the largest and most modern welding training workshops in the entire region, allowing 100 trainee welders to learn the trade at any one time, over an area of 1500 square metres. There are currently 200 welders being trained at the centre in two separate shifts.

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