In some work environments conventional point suction units are not sufficient or difficult to use, e.g. at:

• large workplaces
• changing welding positions, or
• spacious workplaces

Here our Indoor Ventilation System helps to protect the health of your employees, and keep the air clean in your workshop.

The suction pipes extract the contaminated air at a height of 4-6 meters. The air is filtered and directed down to the air outlet near the floor (stitch piping with displacement diffusers). From here the cleaned and heated air rises and pushes the welding smoke in the direction of the suction pipe.

The result is a constant, circulating air stream in the workspace, reducing (receiving) the smoke due to welding. Thus, no floating particle layer of dust and smoke (cloud of smoke) forms in your workshop.

Displacement Ventilation Systems can be customized for any room size.

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