Quality Management

As the technology leader in the field of extraction and filtration technology in the metal working industry or main objective is to supply the best possible quality and to fulfil the demands of our customers.

Our quality philosophy is not only limited to our product range, but also covers all process of the complete value added chain. All procedures are constantly reviewed to improve the quality continuously.

Our organisational structure allows our employees to address inefficiencies openly and to introduce new ideas. This way they play an active part in continuous improvement process.

Regular customer satisfaction surveys and internal audits are other important  modules of our quality management.

The ISO DIN 9001 is forming the basis. KEMPER was ISO DIN 9001 certified the first time in 2005 and since then the certification was consequently continued. Every year KEMPER undergoes new assessments to fulfil the latest standards and requirements. This way we guarantee a constant improvement of our performance and quality.

>> Download our current ISO DIN 9001 certification 

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