There are different possible ways of capturing harmful emissions

1. Source extraction integrated into the welding torch 

  • Integration into the system
  • Low air flow
  • Good to very good capture rate

2. High vacuum - source extraction system

  • Efficient source extraction through suction nozzles
  • Good capture rate up to a distance of 150 mm
  • Simple connection to the extraction system by hoses

3. Low vacuum - Source extraction system

  • Easy to use with flexible extraction arms with ease of movement  
  • Freely positionable hoods 
  • High capture rate at up to 400 mm away

4. Exhaust hood

  • Adjustment of the exhaust hood to the respective work area
  • Capture of the entire thermal flow from the weld area 
  • Very low negative pressure required

5. General ventilation systems

  • Two methods: Displacement ventilation (layered ventilation) or mixed air ventilation
  • Extraction is carried out at a height of 4-6 m
  • To complement the methods already mentioned or if other methods cannot be used

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