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Exhaust arms overview

These can be one- or two-part depending on length and fastened in place by a wall bracket. They have  C-rails with trolleys and can handle loads, for example tools or wire feeders, of up to 50 kg.

Extraction arms
The arm can be moved to any desired position within its range easily and quickly and remains there.

Flexible hose version
The flexible hose arm consists of internal rods and  external hosing.

Rigid metal tube version
This version consists of two aluminium tubes and three pieces of hosing at the internal joints.

Extraction hood
The rectangular shape and 360-degree flexibility of the hood ensure it is always ideally positioned relative to welding. It is very easy to operate and can be positioned with one hand. The flange-shaped cover on the sides prevents the extraction of unwanted air. The hood has a 40% higher efficiency level than standard oval models and needs less positioning.

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