Extraction table material support EasyFrame

Plasma cutting at high amperage leads to enormous cutting speeds and clean cuts. But it also leads to a higher strain on the material supports as well as a larger amount of slag. Conventional material supports cannot keep up with the rapid changes in the plasma cutting technology. A short lifespan caused by high erosion and stuck support frames are the result.

With EasyFrame KEMPER has developed a material support that is beyond its time. The material support is up to date and will keep up with the expected increasing demand of the plasma cutting technology in the next years.

The KEMPER EasyFrame material support is made up of interlocking support bars and deflector plates. The result is a self supporting construction without any support frames and requires no welding work.
The support is quickly and easily put together. Due to the construction there is a smaller contact surface for the cutting beam. This leads to less reflection and therefore less erosion and better cutting quality.

There is no requirement to clean or service the support, because after the support is worn out it will be completely disposed. The customer can then either purchase a new support or make one on his own cutting units. Necessary drawings or programs are available from KEMPER.

Overview of the KEMPER EasyFrame material support:

  • Self-supporting material supports, no welded frames
  • Material supports can be completely disposed
  • No possibility of accumulation of slag in the corners and pockets
  • Less reflection of the cutting beam
  • The material support can be made by the customer
  • Cleaner and simpler installation of new frame without any welding work
  • Time-saving disposal of the old frame and installation of the new frame
  • Cleaning of the material support is no longer necessary
  • Optimal solution for use with magnet crane

We provide a wide range of other cutting grids for a variety of applications. Upon request we will gladly send you comprehensive information.

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