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Extraction and grinding tables

Whether for manual applications like small training welding tables, hand cutting tables or welding tables and grinding tables with extraction: Our wide range offers solutions for all applications.

For automatic cutting machines, our range includes perfect gradations from the basic to the hi-end extraction table. A cutting machine, of any sort, must do primarily one thing: perform a quality and effective optimum cut. For this purpose, you need not only a perfect burning, plasma or laser cutting machine, but also a cutting table, perfectly adapted to the needs, is required.

Our extraction tables are built in segments, making them highly variable in the breath and length and can be customized to your local conditions. They are also suitable, depending on the model, for various sheet thicknesses and plasma cutting services of various powers.

Productivity-enhancing features such as the automatic vibration transportation of slag and small parts from the cutting table via the KemTab Vibro, or the special shuttle tables for cutting systems are also familiar ground for KEMPER.

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