High-vacuum welding fume extraction at Aebi Schmidt in the Netherlands/Holten

The video presents the welding shop with 26 manual and automatic welding stations with robots. The welding fumes are collected with a torch-integrated VacuFil 250 welding fume extraction system.

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Comprehensive air pollution control concept by KEMPER at RIKA Blechkomponenten GmbH

With a new machine park, the Austrian sheet metal components manufacturer RIKA has once again significantly increased its capacities at the Micheldorf site. During the planning process, the manufacturer also placed a special focus on the necessary occupational safety for its employees. For this purpose, a comprehensive air pollution control concept for the effective elimination of welding fumes and grinding dust was implemented together with KEMPER. 

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Hall air cleaning during welding with CleanAirTower and MaxiFil from KEMPER

Exemplary occupational health and safety at Nobels BV in Noordwijk Hood, in the province of South Holland

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Inhouse Training-Center with welding booths and fume extraction

Welding fume extraction unit, welding booths and exhaust arms as well as KEMPER SparkTrap in use in the training center VOITH in Heidenheim, Germany.


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Mix of measures for clean overall hall air with KEMPER technology, at Wimmer Hartstahl in Thalgau

The Austrian company Wimmer Hartstahl is a specialist for high-quality attachments and mounting tools for hydraulic excavators and has now invested in extensive measures to improve the air quality with KEMPER extraction technology.

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Displacement ventilation

The KEMPER ventilation with displacement ventilation consisting of: Two pipeline circuits with inlet pipes and Displacement outlet pipe, Central suction and filter unit System 9000, Impulse arm layer ventilation principle recommended by the professional association  

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Hall ventilation KEMPER Push-Pull at Toni Maurer, Türkheim Germany

Application video of the hall ventilation KEMPER Push-Pull for welding fume extraction in the mixed ventilation process in use at Toni Maurer, Türkheim Germany

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KEMPER push-pull hall ventilation with Buitenhuis Containerbau, Staphorst Netherlands

Application video of KEMPER push-pull hall ventilation for extracting welding fumes in the mixed ventilation method in use on the premises of Buitenhuis Containerbau, Staphorst Netherlands. 

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