Additional Equipment

Extraction and filter systems from KEMPER can be equipped with a range of additional products to meet
your individual requirements.

An automatic extraction power control to adjust the extraction power to the actual demand and to keep operating, electricity and follow-up costs low.

The external on/off switches the extraction and filter system on or off according to demand and thus contributes to cost savings and increases operating convenience.

An external control panel facilitates the operation and monitoring of your KEMPER extraction and filter system, for example, if installed outdoors.

The KEMPER remote diagnostic and maintenance system for a rapid evaluation of error messages, and remote adjustment of possible faults. 

Alarm by phone, SMS or e-mail to report any malfunctions and for monitoring extraction and filter systems in critical areas.

The installations of KEMPER KEMPER WeldFil and WeldFil Compact can be equipped with an explosion relief panel to contain possible dust explosions. 

The KEMPER SparkTrap is an additional spark trap which minimizes the risk of filter fire.

By using a spark extinguishing system that detects sparks and actively extinguishes them, the risk of filter fires can be almost entirely eliminated. 

>> Welding Fume Extraction Unit WeldFil Compact
>> Welding Smoke Extraction Unit WeldFil