Welding fume extraction and protection equipment

Mobile Filter Units

Mobile welding fume extraction and filter units 

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Extraction Systems - Central And Stationary

Smoke Extraction units for multiple workstations or wall mounted for up to two workplaces 

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High-vacuum extraction

Welding fumes with extraction nozzles, extraction funnels or integrated in the burner on the welding gun  

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General Ventilation Systems

Central ventilation system for production halls with layer ventilation principle and other solutions" 
Indoor Ventilation System Clean Air Tower

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Welding Fume Exhaust Arms And Fans

Flexible welding smoke capturing up to 10m reach for single workstations or welding cabins 
flexible exhaust arm 3m

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Extraction And Cutting Tables

Welding and grinding tables for manual applications. Extraction tables for cutting systems 

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Welding Smoke Extraction Hood - VarioHood

Welding smoke extraction hood for welding robots with versatile installation possibilities 
Welding smoke extraction hood for welding robots VarioHood

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Protective welding equipment and welding helmets

Welding helmets and wall partitioning systems as well as curtain systems and protective welding equipment 
high performance automatic welding helmet with big viewing area

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Ducting systems and Hoses

Hoses for the extraction of gases, vapours, dusts and powder 

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