Extraction unit WeldFil and WeldFil Compact in detail

How they work

  • The contaminated air is sucked in through a pipe
  • Dust separation takes place at the surface of the filter medium
  • The automatic cleaning of the filter is based on need and carried out by compressed air
  • The repelled dust is collected in the dust container for disposal

Intelligent control

  • Intelligent control is the heart of KEMPER extraction and filter systems
  • All functions can be intuitively controlled via the control panel
  • A diagnostic system with various sensors monitors the proper functioning of the system
  • The analytic function of the control system permanently adjusts the operating to the conditions


  • cloudbased, internet-enabled control module
  • Fleet management, remote maintenance and predictive maintenance using autarkic cloud networking via mobile communications
  • Information such as differential pressure, temperature or residual dust monitoring
  • Fully automated and rule-based processes

Good connections

  • WeldFil ready to connect with 16 A CEE plug
  • Potential-free contacts for receiving an external on/off signal
  • A second, external control terminal permits remote control
  • Remote via optional modem 

Filter inserts

  • Only high quality, tested and certified filters and filter media
  • Surface filtration with KemTex® ePTFE membrane filter with laminated PTFE layer 
  • Best cleaning performance and long service life 
  • Other, high-quality filters and filter media available, depending on application

Filter cleaning

  • Surface filtration enables efficient cleaning of the filter cartridges used
  • Cleaning is performed using compressed air while the system is in use 
  • The repelled dust falls into a mobile dust collection container
  • After automatic lowering of the dust container, the dust can easily be disposed of


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>> Welding Smoke Extraction Unit WeldFil Compact

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