Product videos and application videos 

(Moving) pictures are known to be worth than 1000 words. Our product videos convey the main features and advantages of the individual systems in just a few minutes. Our application videos are more practical. They give you a quick first impression of mobile extraction devices - from the basic to the high-end suction device. Or about the various options for cleaning indoor air. Stand alone solutions such as the CleanAirTower or complex ventilation solutions with pipelines for the collection of polluted air through entire aisles are available. Of course, you can also find all videos in many different languages on our YouTube channel.

Mobile filter units

>> Video overview: Mobile filter units

From the basic to the high-end extraction unit, all mobile units from KEMPER have W3 approval. With certification by the German Institute for Occupational Safety, these extraction systems are also suitable for capturing carcinogenic welding fumes. All models are equipped with comfortable and particularly smooth-running extraction arms.  

Extraction systems stationary / central

>> Video overview: Stationary / central extraction systems

Stationary extraction systems are suitable for single workplaces. Due to their wall mounting, they are particularly space-saving. Central extraction units are suitable for several workplaces via pipelines and capturing elements. KEMPER extraction units of the WeldFil series with just 65 dB(A) are the most quiet on the market.

High vacuum extraction

>> Video overview: High vacuum extraction

High-vacuum extraction units are used to capture welding fumes using slot or funnel nozzles. E.g. also on the road on construction projects. On the other hand, they enable the torch-integrated extraction directly in the welding pistol. Get a brief insight into high vacuum extraction in the following product videos:

Room ventilation and hall ventilation

>> Video overview: Room ventilation / Hall ventilation / Air monitoring

Room ventilation and hall ventilation are used where a point extraction system is not sufficient or difficult to use. In combination with the AirWatch air monitoring system with KEMPER-Cloud connection, the systems are already Industry 4.0 Ready.

Extraction tables - Thermal cutting tables 

>> Video overview: Extraction tables - Thermal cutting tables 

Due to the special design of our thermal cutting tables, the resulting dust is evenly extracted from the surface of the table. The energy-saving segment extraction, a scalable modular design and easy cleaning are further important features of our extraction tables.

Reference videos

>> Video overview: Reference videos

Here you will find a selection of our air quality solutions for use in metal processing companies and training centres. From hall air cleaning with mixing or displacement ventilation to central filter systems, thermal cutting tables or training centres with welding and grinding booths: Get a quick overview.

More videos

>> To the video overview: More videos

Here you can find out  about our particularly easy-to-move exhaust arms from 2 to 10 metres, the difference between ‘E’ dust and ‘A’ dust and other things relating to occupational safety during welding and cutting. 


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