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Smoke layer, welding fumes and air thick with dust in your workshop?

Capturing harmful substances at the point where they arise is still the most effective method of extraction and also is mentioned right away in all regulations. This is the only way in which practically all welding fumes and other harmful substances can be captured.

All the same, in some work environments source capture units are insufficient or can only be used with difficulty, for example in the case of:

  • large work pieces
  • changing welding positions or
  • where work places are widely spaced

This is where KEMPER Indoor Ventilation Systems help you to provide optimum health protection for your employees and to keep the air in your workshops clean. If source extraction units cannot be used or are insufficient, welding fumes and other harmful substances can accumulate and form a layer of smoke above the area where metal working is taking place.

By installing a hall ventilation system, you create a safe and above all clean work environment where your employees feel comfortable and machines and the building remain clean. This not only benefits you, but also saves huge cleaning costs. Not to mention the huge savings on the investment and operation of KEMPER indoor ventilation systems.

In workshops and metal-working companies there are many and varied conditions and applications. For this reason, based on its many years of experience, KEMPER provides various different indoor ventilation systems.

Depending on wishes and requirements, these can be used individually or in combination. So for example, it may not be necessary to equip the entire area. Indeed, using KEMPER systems, it may be possible to create individual, new work areas.

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