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Smoke blankets, welding fumes and dust – bad air in your workshop?

Wherever the installation of local extraction ventilation for capturing welding smoke cannot be achieved or is not sufficient, room ventilation systems are used to provide optimum protection for the health of your employees.
We offer various solutions for workshops and metal processing companies. During the cold season, you can maintain the heating energy, thus saving energy costs. Through the air circulation, warm air is distributed more efficiently.

We offer stand-alone solutions that can be installed without extensive pipelines, such as the KemJet indoor air extractor or CleanAirTower.

Depending on local conditions, we also provide solutions that are integrated into piping systems as a push-pull system, or systems which operate on the principle of displacement ventilation.

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Video: General Ventilation System CleanAirTower

Video: Ventilaton System Push-Pull for welding fume extraction

Video: Displacement Ventilation

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