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Set Main filter and activated charcoal filter for MaxiFil

The original storage filter set for the MaxiFil ensures optimum coordination between filter technology and filter unit. The coil filter has a filter area of 34 m² with a filtration efficiency of ≥ 99.9 %. It is used in combination with a pre-filter (aluminium mesh) and activated carbon filter in the unit. Important note: If you use original filters, you are on the safer side because the warranty of your unit remains valid.

Price: €1,443.00 * Ex VAT
Art. No.   
109 0515
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Filter stages


Filter method

Storage Filter

Filter surface

34 m²

Type of filter

Safe Change Filter

Filter material

Non-woven polyester

Filter efficiency

> 99.5 %

Filter class


Additional filters

Pre-filter (aluminum) and activated charcoal filter

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