About us

KEMPER was founded in Vreden, Germany in 1977 and is a pioneer and a leader in technology in the field of welding smoke extraction. That means over 40 years of experience in plant construction for these products, a deep knowledge of the processes in metalworking plants and a high degree of reliability and continuity.

Today, KEMPER is a successful family business. Neither its growth nor its international focus have changed this important aspect of its identity: dealing with KEMPER is personal, as in a family. The satisfaction of its customers and employees is more important than anything else. This is guaranteed by its vast experience coupled with the desire for a reliable, trustworthy cooperation.

KEMPER doesn't fall behind. The innovations in filter devices and extraction equipment are geared to the needs of customers and regularly exceed the specified legal requirements. This results in absolute legal certainty for occupational safety and environmental requirements for users.

What moves us

The driving force at KEMPER is the pioneering spirit with which the company seeks solution- and user-oriented innovations to protect employees and make their work easier. With deep market and user knowledge from the process level to the individual work step, KEMPER takes on challenges in order to solve them rationally. The family-owned company guarantees continuity and reliability.

Innovative out of conviction

From the start in a garage in 1977 to a company operating globally – this has not only happened in the U.S. but also in Vreden. Company founder Gerd Kemper developed a filter device in 1977, built in his garage at home, that captures and extracts welding fumes directly at source : the so-called spot extraction. It was the starting point for the successful development of his family business.

The anecdote also shows that claim of KEMPER is not to hold on to an existing system at any price. If can be improved, it should also be improved. The will to develop new products that offer more security, better usability or reliability, is still the core of our corporate philosophy.

The pursuit of improvement for more than 40 years has also created an enormous increase in know-how. Again and again, initiating and trying out new developments – KEMPER is proud of this model. It is responsible for the success and recognition by long-standing and faithful partners.

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