Extraction and Filter Systems for the construction of Central Extraction Systems


  • The systems WeldFil and WeldFil Compact are ideally suited for setting up central extraction systems
  • Ideal for welding shops, grinding shops, training centres, robot production lines, etc.

Connection via duct systems with capturing devices from the KEMPER range

Wide range of accessories and lots of special equipment, such as

  • Spark separator, spark detector and spark extinguisher
  • Automated, demand-based suction power control
  • External control and monitoring
  • Fleet management, remote maintenance and pre-noise maintenance using autarkic networking via mobile radio to the KEMPER cloud


  • Time savings in planning and construction due to modular system structure and complete product range from KEMPER
  • Legal and operational security thanks to careful layout by KEMPER specialists
  • Optimum adaptation to conditions due to the large product range and diversity of types of systems and special equipment
  • Huge savings in energy and follow-up costs thanks to automatic suction power control

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