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Extraction and Filter Systems for the construction of Central Extraction Systems

Example for central exhaust and filter system


  • The systems WeldFil and WeldFil Compact are ideally suited for setting up central extraction systems
  • Ideal for welding shops, grinding shops, training centres, robot production lines, etc.

Connection via duct systems with capturing devices from the KEMPER range

- Exhaust arms and telescopic arms
- Welding and grinding tables 
- Training welding tables 
- Extraction table for workshops
- Exhaust hoods, e.g. for robots
- Extraction booths, e.g. for automated processes

Wide range of accessories and lots of special equipment, such as

- Spark separator, spark detector and spark extinguisher
- Automated, demand-based suction power control
- External control and monitoring


  • Time savings in planning and construction due to modular system structure and complete product range from KEMPER
  • Legal and operational security thanks to careful layout by KEMPER specialists
  • Optimum adaptation to conditions due to the large product range and diversity of types of systems and special equipment
  • Huge savings in energy and follow-up costs thanks to automatic suction power control