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Extraction Systems - Central And Stationary

MaxiFil stationary: The filter equipment is never in the way; it is simply mounted on the wall.

The welding fume capture for MaxiFil stationary is done either with a 2 to 7 meter long extraction arm in pipe or hose design. The large filter area of ​​42 sqm leads to an extremely long service life and thus has the lowest consequential costs.

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FilterTable: Welding table and grinding table with dust and fume extraction system

Combination of dust and fume extraction system and welding table for manual welding, cutting and grinding

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DustEvac: Automatic dust disposal for filter systems - free from contamination

The dust removal system DustEvac enables continuous operation of filter systems without downtime for cleaning or dust removal. By means of a vacuum conveyor, DustEvac permanently removes the dust from the filter system into a BigBag. This process is completely contamination-free for the safety of the employees.

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