Grinding Table

Robust grinding table with back wall downdraft air extraction and hinged side walls

Our grinding table with downdraft and rear wall spark and air fume extraction is a clean and safe solution for industrial use. The grinding table can be connected to a central air extraction system and the table is available in different sizes. The sound-insulated side walls can be folded away when machining large workpieces.

Price: €2,704.00
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99 820 0004
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  • Industrial grinding of machined workpieces
  • Safe working due to robust material support
  • Side walls can be folded away so also suitable for larger workpieces
  • Reduced noise levels due to soundproofed side walls
  • Higher degree of grinding dust capture due to the rear wall extraction
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the integrated slag tray
  • Comfortable to work with thanks to the ergonomically adapted sheet steel construction
  • Robust grid-type material support
  • Side walls can be folded down
  • Side walls with sound insulation material
  • Rear wall extraction
  • Integrated slag tray
  • Connection and integration into an existing extraction system
  • Various sizes

    Datasheet (925,85 KB)

Basic data

Working depth

800 mm

Working height

800 mm

Dimensions (w x d x h)

1010 x 1060 x 1700 mm

Additional information

Recommended filter unit

34 20

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