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KemJet General Ventilation System

Indoor air cleaning ventilation system with a simple stand-alone installation and high performance nozzles

KemJET is a central ventilation system for workshops where local exhaust ventilation systems are not feasible or it is used to supplement such systems. It effectively protects employees and machines from fine dust. The heated, purified air remains in the room, so that in the winter heat from the heating system is retained. This, way large energy cost savings can be achieved.

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99 880 0407
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  • Workshops where local exhaust ventilation is not possible
  • To complement local exhaust ventilation systems
  • Environments with changing sources of smoke and dust
  • For large work pieces or where work positions are well separated
  • Cleaned air distribution adaptable to the location of the plant as high-performance nozzles are adjustable by 30 degrees
  • Contamination-free dust collection due to compressed air fixation of dust collection containers
  • Uninterrupted continuous operation due to automatic differential pressure-controlled filter cleaning
  • Various outlet heights possible by using different pipe lengths
  • Little noise emission due to a low noise level
  • Heating costs minimised by air recirculation
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Convenient operation due to intelligent control via touch screen with diagnostic system
  • Automatic filter cleaning, pressure-controlled
  • Control via touch screen
  • KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridges
  • Dust collection container with pneumatic lifting device
  • High-performance nozzles adjustable by 30 degrees
  • Automatic dust disposal - DustEvac
  • External On/Off
  • AirWatch
  • Stanchion support
  • Wall-mounting kit
  • Extracts contaminated warm air through exhaust pipes on the left and right of the plant
  • Contaminated air is purified in the filter system
  • High-performance nozzles blow the purified, clean air out above the extraction pipes
  • The clean air is distributed throughout the room and the veil of smoke disappears


Filter surface total

60 m²

Basic data

Extraction capacity

6000 m³/h



Measurements filter unit

1.413 x 1.413 x 2.110 mm

Measurements blow-out unit

1.670 x 730 x 760 mm

Gross weight extraction unit

630 kg

Total weight

900 kg

Motor power

4 kW

Power supply

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Rated current

7.8 A

Noise level

65 dB(A)

Additional information

Fan type

Radial fan, belt driven


10 x 200 mm

Length of extraction duct

6000 mm

Wall mounting (set)

99 8103 465

Supports (set)

99 8103 468

Air nozzles, range

approx. 30 m

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