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KEMPERvision now enables completely contactless service support from a distance via remote support between you and KEMPER. And with the help of so-called Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses.


What does Augmented Reality (AR) mean?

Augmented Reality is the computer-aided extension of reality perception. A suitable example of this can be found in football broadcasting, where additional information such as offside lines or statistics are inserted into the image.


How does KEMPERvision work?

If maintenance or repair of the extraction system is due or if users need further technical advice, we can now also help digitally and find a solution within a very short time.

We guide the user from a distance in direct exchange. This is done on the one hand by voice messages, on the other hand by text messages, explanatory graphics and, for example, circuit diagrams which are projected into the field of vision by means of AR technology. We can intervene directly in the LIVE images and display supporting markers. The glasses are also suitable for use in heavy-duty applications and for indoor and outdoor use.


Your benefits

  • Only short downtime of plants due to express shipping and fast service help already the following day
  • Cost savings and sustainable service by reducing travel costs and optimizing on-site service
  • Reliable help with complex tasks, also with contact and travel restrictions
  • Preconfigured setup for user-friendly plug and play operation


The AR data glasses

The AR data glasses are the core element of KEMPERvision. For practical use, various requirements are necessary for data glasses to provide you with reliable remote support.

We use the voice-controlled industrial data glasses Realwear HMT-1, which is equipped with a so-called MicroDisplay. Due to its proximity to the eye, the display looks like a 7-inch display, which projects the necessary information into the field of vision via AR technology. The data goggles are robustly built, can be used quickly and at the same time are flexible enough to carry out a wide range of tasks and at the same time can be efficiently instructed from a distance.

Switch on, put it on and get started!


Expert help through remote support


  • Excellent service
    Our experts will deal with your extraction system from a distance and accompany you through the entire maintenance process. With KEMPERvision we can maintain our services even in times of travel and contact restrictions.
  • Higher machine uptime
    KEMPERvision optimises service operations many times over. Longer waiting times for appointments and the associated downtimes of filter systems are eliminated.
  • Support from a distance
    Our service expert is not on site, but still close to the action. The expert sees and hears exactly what the user on site hears and sees. This has an enormous effect on the speed and efficiency of maintenance.
  • From employee to expert
    The training of plant operators using AR technology offers a completely new way of onboarding extraction and filter systems

You would like to order a digital service? Simply contact us by phone at +49 (0) 800 2564 68-0 or send us an inquiry using the following contact form. We will be happy to advise you.

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