Welding Blanket 950° C

Welding blanket 950°C for protection against welding spatters, sparks and grinding sparks

KEMPER welding blankets ensure safe protection against welding splatter, flying sparks and grinding sparks. They withstand up to 750 °C under permanent exposure and briefly up to 950 °C.

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  • For moderate load in vertical use
  • Protection against weld spatter, flying sparks and grinding sparks
  • Reliable protection against weld spatter, flying sparks and grinding sparks due to glass fabric
  • lined on all sides
  • Made from vermiculite coated fiberglass
  • Resistant up to 750° C, briefly up to 950° C
  • Can be exposed to mechanical loads, abrasion-proof
  • Various sizes

Basic data


1000 mm


1000 mm


1.06 mm


875 g/m²


black, RAL 9005


up to 950

Longitudinal tensile strength

1650 N/5cm

Transverse tensile strength

1100 N/5cm

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