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Connected to the environment

The KEMPER Group's objective is to do the right thing. The consistent implementation of this objective means much more than to guarantee legal certainty and compliance with environmental regulations. It also means actively working for safe, clean and overall sound production.

Energy efficiency is an important area of engagement, but the KEMPER Group does its part for a cleaner environment in many other fields as well. What starts with the selection of materials of products continues with the modular design. Durable equipment and products, some of which are suitable for partial upgrades from other manufacturers' equipment, ensure good environmental performance. Contaminated warm air from production processes is purified by KEMPER products and returned to production halls. This saves an enormous amount of energy, especially in the winter.

At the production facility in Czech Republic, KEMPER is producing it’s own electrical power by means of solar panels which are installed on the factory roof and solar trackers. The eco-friendly produced power helps us to reduce the Carbon Footprint significantly.

The system has more than 2,700 m² of solar panels and generates yearly approximately 450,000 kWh of electricity. 
Compared to conventional produced electrical power the emission is reduced by 295.500 kg per annum.

The energy is primarily used for the company's premises, either in production or in the offices. Only the excess current is fed into the public grid. The total production volume corresponds to the annual consumption of approximately 100 households.

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