1-Panel Mobile Protective Screen With Curtain

Mobile protection screen against radiation, arc light andd welding spatters

The one-panel protective screen with welding curtain fabric can be used flexibly thanks to the optionally available wheel kit. The KEMPER film curtain complies with DIN EN ISO 25980 and is fastened on the bar structure using metal hooks.

Price: €358.70 * Ex VAT
Art. No.   
70 600 500
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  • Protection against harmful radiation, welding arcs and spatter
  • Flexible application due to low weight and optional wheel kit
  • Legally compliant protection since the welding curtain complies with DIN EN ISO 25980
  • Sturdy frame made of rectangular tubing
  • Colour S0, clear is self-extinguishing, class K 1, as per DIN 53 438, part 2
  • Colour S7, S9 Dark Green and Red are DIN EN ISO 25980 certified
  • Wheel kit (optional)
  • Ground clearance 165 mm
  • Wheel kit
  • Various colours
  • Support frame
  • Welding curtain
  • Metal hooks

    Datasheet (359,83 KB)

Basic data


2100 mm


1830 mm


0.4 mm


dark green




DIN EN ISO 25980

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