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General Ventilation Systems

CleanAirTower General Ventilation

The stand alone ventilation system CleanAirTower is used wherever local extraction does not work or is insufficient. The CleanAirTower functions according to the displacement ventilation principle recommended by health and safety bodies. It minimizes the heating costs due to air recirculation and air distribution. The Tower is installed without any ductwork - Plug & Play. 

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Push-Pull General Ventilation System

The Push-Pull general ventilation system for welding smoke extraction is an outlet and inlet system where the pipes are mounted opposite each other and which is connected to a suction and filter system. It is cost effective as the integrated filter system can also be used for additional applications and still only one plant is needed.

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KemJet - Welding Fume General Ventilation System

KemJet is a central ventilation system for welding fume or smoke. It extracts contaminated warm air through exhaust pipes on the left and/or right of the filter unit. High-performance nozzles blow the purified, clean air out above the extraction pipes. 

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Displacement Ventilation for welding smoke for fume extraction

Reference video of the displacement ventilation. The piping system is connected to a central extraction and filter system. At the workplaces, the system ensures a constant, low velocity, circulating air stream. The displacement ventilation principle is recommended by health and safety bodies.

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