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Extraction tables

Extraction segments
To keep extraction needs as low as possible our tables are split into individual segments which can be separately extracted from.

Fire safety
To prevent fire due to sparks being sucked up, the tables are designed to pre-clean the extracted air.

Table maintenance is important to ensure smooth functioning of the system. Crane hooks are installed on every element of our extraction tables. This makes them easy to remove the material supports, gratings and dust/slag containers. Containers are designed to make emptying easy.

Modular design
KEMPER extraction tables consist of individual standard modules that can be connected together. This makes it possible to implement any size of table desired. This standardisation makes combining modules quick and easy.

Surface extraction
The design of the extraction tables ensures that the dust generated is extracted evenly over the entire table surface area. This yields efficient and safe extraction of dust generated without sparks getting into the filter.

Important things to know
Cutting systems, of whatever kind, must primarily do one thing – cut in a qualitative and effective optimal manner. This predicates not only optimal plasma, laser or oxy-fuel systems but a cutting table perfectly tailored to the needs. That’s not all. The smoke that is generated in thermal cutting of metal must be extracted away to prevent any risk arising to the health of anyone in the vicinity. Dust, sparks and smoke represent a risk to machinery as well in the long term and may hamper its functioning.

An Extraction system is therefore absolutely essential.

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