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SmartMaster: Welding Fume Extraction Unit - Basic IFA W3

Product video about our SmartMaster, the basic welding fume extraction unit with IFA W3 certification. It is designed for occasional use with low amounts of dust.

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ProfiMaster: Welding smoke exhaust unit in robust quality with high capacity filter

Product video about the IFA W3 certified ProfiMaster. A mobile welding smoke exhaust unit  for occasional to frequent use with low to medium amounts of dust.

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Product video about the SmartFil, the welding fume extraction unit with IFA W3 Certification. It is suitable for regular use.

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SmartFil video collection

In this playlist you will find a compilation of videos about the SmartFil extraction unit, consisting of a product video, unboxing, filter change, installation of the automatic start-stop system and the lighting.

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MaxiFil: combines highest filter capacity with safe filter replacement

The unit for regular use when welding with medium smoke and dust quantities. MaxiFil combines safety and economy thanks to its IFA W3 certification, contamination-free filter replacement and a large filter area of 42 m².

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MaxiFil Clean Self-cleaning extraction unit with contamination-free dust disposal

MaxiFil Clean is our mobile extraction unit for the continuous application in welding where large amounts of fumes and dust is produced. With its with cleanable filter technology, it is the safest device on the market for protection against welding fumes that are hazardous to health. The dust removal takes place completely without contamination in the cartridges.

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