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High-vacuum extraction

High-vacuum welding fume extraction at Aebi Schmidt in the Netherlands/Holten

The video presents the welding shop with 26 manual and automatic welding stations with robots. The welding fumes are collected with a torch-integrated VacuFil 250 welding fume extraction system.

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VacuFil 500: High-vacuum welding fumes extraction system for up to 4 workstations

The high-vacuum extraction plant allows the welding fumes capture from the burner for up to four workstations. In addition to up to four individual stations, there is also the option to connect to a central pipeline system depending on the version. This allows e.g. the connection of funnel nozzles, slotted nozzles or high-vacuum extraction arms. 

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VacuFil Compact: High-vacuum extraction unit for regular use with disposable filter

Product video about the VacuFil Compact, the high-vacuum extraction unit is designed for medium quantities of welding fumes and is compatible with all common extraction torches.

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